The Villa
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A brief history The Villa
Committed to giving our customers an amazing dining experience each and every visit.
The Villa has been family-owned and operated right here in 
Columbia, SC since the old Five Points location was established on 
February 1, 1972. The restaurant was a failed franchise called The 
Pizza Villa. We took Pizza off the sign and called it The Villa. 

The second location opened on May 7, 1977 on a two lane road called Bush River Rd. Both locations continued to operate until the one in Five Points closed in 1993. Several of the murals which were painted directly on the walls of the building had to be cut out and moved, some in as many as four sections. The Villa on Bush River was remodeled to add a second dining room which now displays the original murals and was completed in 1994. The restaurant became what it is today when the bar area was completed in 2005. The carpet and booths may be new but the recipes are still prepared in the same way they were in 1972.